Jan. 8th, 2011

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I am considering saving up and ordering a custom from Bella.

(Aside to the non-dancers: this is a crapshoot. Bella is a designer based in Turkey/Belgium, and the "design" process can be a shot in the dark. You can send her pics and sketches and a budget, but you don't get anything back to approve before she makes the costume. Sometimes you don't even know if she's accepted the commission until you get an email asking for payment, that can come weeks or months after the order. But the costumes are FANTASTIC.)

I have a dream costume that I've been mulling over for years, based on a bracelet I bought back in I-don't-know-when. Since her aesthetic has changed somewhat (still using the AB stones, but there seems to be less lush, dimensional beading and sparser fringe) since I first started fantasizing about this costume, and part of me is afraid what I would get back from her would be nothing like what I wanted (sacrilege!), some sick, demented part of my brain is actually considering dooming me to lost eyesight and arthritis and making the thing myself.

It's important to note that I bought fringe, ostensibly to use on this theoretical costume, back in, um...oh lord, when did Kathryn sponsor the workshop with Morocco? I think it might have been 1997 or so. Back then. And the fringe has been lying in a drawer all this time.

I think maybe I'll try making a belt for the green cobra costume, see how that goes.


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