Jan. 13th, 2011

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Things that irritated me lately:

1. Attention, drivers of the PNW. If you drive a grey, black, or other asphalt-colored vehicle, TURN YOUR GODDAMN LIGHTS ON. FFS. Especially when you (and I) are driving near the lake and it's misting and visibility is effectively zero and oh, you want to merge, how quaint.

2. Dear Mister Classic Rock DJ: I have several problems with you calling Donvan "the English Bob Dylan", not the least of which being he's from fucking Glasgow.

3. Did you know you can have a hysterectomy and still get periods? Guess how I learned this! It's like the best of both worlds!

Now, honestly, this is just spotting and I will deal better (if it continues) once I can use "internal protection" (hello, situational anxiety! I see blood, I turn into a junior high girl again!), but I am also experiencing some abdominal pain (not sharp, more of a constant pressure-type pain that just hangs around and sets my teeth on edge, like a toothache or one of those nagging one-eye headaches) that, up until now, I described as "cramps", because that's what I thought they were. BUT I GUESS THEY WEREN'T, WERE THEY? I suppose it could be...fuck, I am not even going to guess. I have my last followup appt. next week so there will be discussion.

I know this is worlds better than having to be x minutes from a bathroom at all times, but there's a more-than-small part of me saying "aw, poop."

On the other hand, the sky is an incredible electric-violet color right now. So that's nice.


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