Apr. 21st, 2011


Apr. 21st, 2011 05:12 pm
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Watched The Passion of the Christ last night. Good lord. When someone called it a two-hour-and-six-minute snuff film, they sure weren't kidding.

I wonder if I had seen it when I was still involved in the church, if I would have found it quite as over the top as I did last night. You grow up Catholic, you get used to seeing a torture device in every room of the house (at least in every bedroom) every day, and a whole buncha gore on Sundays, rolling eyes and gaping mouths and every rivulet of blood lovingly rendered, unless you went to a new-school church that liked to "emphasize the Risen Christ" (I had two of those and one old-school [which had a full-scale full-color replica of the Pieta` in the vestibule], plus the parish that my great-grandparents built in Buffalo). But honestly, Mel, did we need the squirty Foley during the crucifixion?

That said, what a freaking awful film. Every time I caught myself thinking "well, that was nice" I kept remembering, hello, source material. The reason that shot was framed so beautifully? Copied from an existing painting or sculpture. AND music lifted from Passion Sources, what the fuck. Plus, more slow-motion than a Pepperidge Farm ad -- I kept expecting Jesus to smell like fresh cinnamon buns. "Slow" =/= "cinematic" or "important", particularly when it's bracketed with thirty minutes of MORE SLOW FOOTAGE on either side. Same goes for "hysterical gibbering". PLUS slightly creepy but largely pointless cameos from Satan hisself. AND all the other stuff that everyone was up in arms about (hello, Jews, I recognize you from all the propaganda I've seen). And the thirty seconds of Resurrection (did we just get a shot of the Savior's bare ass through the hole in his hand?) made me roll my eyes so hard I looked like Saint Lucy for a minute. (Eyes on a plate, look it up, I'll wait.)

Some nice acting, I will say that, both Caviezel and Shopov (who played Pilate), insane makeup and film decisions aside; and the linguist geek in me liked the Aramaic though some of the Latin was really out of place (I guess they didn't use the Greek that would have been spoken then because they thought the audience wouldn't be able to differentiate between it and Aramaic?). Nice music, though it was pretty obviously "inspired by" someone else's.

But still, ack.


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