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Rather than blogging about recent events, I am going to show you what I've been working on for the past few weeks.

A friend invited me to dance at her bachelorette hafla back in June. I know this lady originally from the Solstice Parade (she dances, I drum), but then I was her Riff at my first Rocky show up here, at the Cuff. Given the shared background I figured it was meet and proper that I create a Frank-N-Furter bedlah and choreography for her and promptly got to work.

Thankfully, I am surrounded by creative and competent people. I talked to my friend Will (DJ D00d), who had wowed me with his tabla remix of Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween", and asked him if he'd be willing to play with me on this. He was game, thank god, and I sent him a copy of Anthony Head's "Sweet T" ( to tinker with while I got other stuff rolling. I also talked to my costumer friend Cindy and asked if she could help me out with the top and skirt I had envisioned...I can sew, but stretch fabrics just do better on a serger, and I haven't gotten the nerve up to try and learn how to use mine yet. I sure wasn't going to try to conquer the learning curve with this project. She also said she'd be happy to help.

And then the project languished for a couple of weeks while I concentrated on healing the calf muscle I'd torn. I finally got a sketch to Cindy (way too close to the deadline for me to admit, frankly) and she said it would be no problem.

The corset lacing was to be done over a nude inset. I had based the design off a skirt of Cindy's I had bought that was a size too small but was made out of stretch velvet with hologram glitter sparkles on it. I had hoped we could find fabric to match to use to make the top, and then the inset would give me the wiggle room I needed in the skirt. We made a trip together down to Fabrics 4 Less in Renton to see if we could find the matching fabric.

God laughed, of course, and the fabric wasn't available anymore. But we did find a very nice stretch velvet covered in violet glitter swirls, and I figured I would make it work. Or, rather, Cindy would. We picked up some swimsuit lining for the illusion panels and some elastic for the laces and I let her work her magic while I made the belt.

I had made a belt for the green lace costume (still waiting for fringe) but wasn't smart enough to have made a reuseable pattern for it, so I dragged out the green belt and poked at it trying to figure out what I did, then made a base out of a couple layers of Pellon.

I cut out darts and butted the edges, then reinforced them with a Pellon patch, and covered the outside with a black felt base. You can see the flat piece has some curvature here because I stitched the base on while keeping the piece bent in a curve, so it would form to the body more easily.

Pinching those darts out while the belt was on (working blind AND behind me) was not happening so Jon was a great Costume Husband and pinned them for me. Once everything was stitched together the curve was...extreme.

Once I pressed everything over a ham it started looking less pointy and I was ready to go.

On to fabric choices! Here's my test of stuff I had in my stash. Hooray, stashbusting. I am a little disappointed that I didn't use the holodot fabric as I'd originally bought it for Rocky costumes and I thought that would be a nice touch -- but the laminated diamonds won out because I had them in black AND silver. The holodots looked too busy, anyway.

Fabric porn macro.

The back of the belt, covered.

I found these great stones at Ben Franklin to use as an anchor. Love the fishnet theme. I laid them out in a couple of configurations to see what looked best. I had planned on a symmetrical layout, but decided a random pattern was more effective.


Back of the belt with the base stones laid in.

And here is is with pearls filled in around the stones. I bought pearls in three colors (white, ivory, and grey) and various sizes to give it some texture. Please forgive my pearl edging.

Here's some macros of the medallions.

I had originally planned to have 3/4 of the entire belt covered with pearls. About this point I decided "fuck a bunch of that."

Next, I covered the front of the belt. One side was to be overlaid with lace and have a garter, as a callback to Frank's own belt.

Here's where the matching black and silver fabric paid off.

Two grosgrain ribbon garter loops, so I could decide where to place the garter most effectively once it was on.

Covered with lace. (The lady at JoAnn's cutting counter saw this lace with the swimsuit lining fabric and guessed we were making "a slip!" Sure, lady. Go ahead and think that.)

Front panel, with pearls on.

Meanwhile, Will and Cindy were batting their projects out their respective parks. Will emailed me a sample of the music, we tweaked it a little to suit the blocking I had in mind, and he delivered an awesome remix complete with walking maqsoum, chifti, beledi, sagat, riq trills -- oh lord, it's stupid good. And Cindy made the top, skirt and gauntlets so that they nearly fit perfectly right out of the box. I added some hooks to the inside of the front of the top, so the front inset would lay flat, and pinned out a couple inches inside the back waistband, but other than that, all I needed to do was add some garters (I had extras lying around, thank god they didn't get trashed during the Moving Purge) to the gauntlets and I was golden.
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