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Still here, though I have to admit, FB has drained my will to blog. I find myself wanting to save LJ for Really Important Stuff and then when I sit down at the computer, I figure, ah, fuck it.

But I am here, and still reading, and waiting to see how The Russians are going to ruin things. We shall see.

Got a chance to teach at a studio closer to me (i.e., I don't need to take a BOAT to get there), but unfortunately the session started right after the holidays and with not much of a promo run-up, so the first class fizzled. The studio owner has said she wants to bring me back for workshops, though; and the students I did have for the classes we did run were enthusiastic and generous with positive feedback (I ran the Improvisation Without Fear material in a weekly format), so overall I feel pretty okay about that.

Got actually snowed in for the first time in my life last week. Okay, technically, this has been the third time in four years, but this was the first time I actually had to BE somewhere and couldn't get there. I was supposed to dance Saturday (opening for Dahlia [] with the MB Orchestra, OMG) but was wary as snow and freezing temps had been forecast and we now live on top of a hill -- it's a bit of a plummet to get to I405. I know my limitations re: driving on ice, and since the ground rarely freezes here, snow warms when it his and then freezes over to make a nice slippery sheet. Dahlia, bless her heart, was trying to convince me to go anyway via encouraging FB posts and then MB cancelled the gig due to weather, so I felt like less of a puss.

Sunday we watched the snow pretty much all day, and it continued off-and-on through the week. Monday and Tuesday, my boss came and got me for work in his 4WD truck -- luckily, we now live on the same side of the shop as everyone else, so I can beg for rides more easily -- but Wednesday was bad enough that he decided there was no point (even if he could make it up the hill and through our neighborhood, there was no one driving through town anyway) so I got to stay home. I promptly learned that an unplanned day-at-home is less fun than I thought it would be, especially since I lost my internet connection at some point. I did, however, make banana bread; as soon as I got the egg into the batter the power flickered a couple of times, but luckily it stayed on through the storms. People north and southeast of us were not so fortunate. I had a customer from Fall City who said he doesn't expect power until Tuesday.

Thursday and Friday, I hitched a ride from a co-worker with a heavier truck, again with 4WD but with better tires, and even he was fishtailing slightly though our complex. Roads near our house were still gnarly Friday afternoon after a day of warming and rain-that-turned-to-snow-oh-crap, leading to slushy ruts that people were having to chain up to get out of. I'd be comfortable saying we got at least six inches of snow and would be willing to speculate a little higher, frankly, considering it was almost up to the tops of my boots in the front yard. Luckily the Snow Event that had been predicted ended up staying south of us

...and our power just went out and came back. Now we are getting wind gusts and rain, so I guess I will make this a bit more short.

Our street was magically clear yesterday morning thanks to a godsend plow, so we were able to leave the house and get into town, where we were joined by everyone else. I was really nice to be able to get somewhere under our own power -- J had been stuck in the house for days and his relief was palapable.

Other things continue as usual. I am trying to decide which costume to buy during Dahlal's Customer Appreciation Sale; I am thinking it is going to be the Pharonics Extragavance in copper. The aubergine is really tempting and unusual but I am afraid the silver base of the rhinestone chain would stand out too much. I might go ahead and get the full costume this time so I have a cool skirt that matches the set on hand.

Mom is Momming in overdrive. I got some info from the Council on Aging that I am going to send to her; I am just hoping she doesn't see it as just more papers to add to the pile, and actually reads the stuff. They offer a service to help with decisionmaking re: aging in the home, which is right where she is at this point; although she is all about blaming other people for her getting older. (For example, she is pissed at the air-conditioner-guy for telling her she needs to clean her air filters because it would require her to get on a ladder, and doesn't he know she can't do that, and why doesn't the company include that in their service?) I totally understand the fear, but don't get why she turns it on others like that. Ok, I get why, since that has been her defense mechanism forever (and it took me YEARS to shake it myself and I still fight it all the time), but still. Frustrating. I am looking into getting some counseling myself to deal with, well, dealing with her, caregiving from a distance plus depression issues plus guilt over not being willing to offer her a place to live (because NO. Just no. But that doesn't make it easy). Somewhat relatedly, I decided to start getting regular massage so my shoulders have a chance of getting away from my ears now and then. It's also been great at getting my calf back into shape, though my bodyworker is RUTHLESS if efficient. (She's of the "yep, hurts, doesn't it?" school and then suddenly the knot is gone, bless her heart.)

Other fronts: J continues to be the best husband ever (including getting me a hilarious and adorable Snow-White-themed apron to wear when I make cupcakes, and being really understanding when I decided I HAD to make a weekend jaunt to Disneyland), and La Llo continues to be the best dog ever (she's recently taken to lying on her back, feet in the air, in the crook of Jon's arm when we go to bed, OH GOD THE CUTE). So, how are you? *chinfists*

Date: 2012-01-24 05:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love this update. I so lack the gumption to write something worthwhile for LJ now, which is hilarious given how unworthwhile so many of my posts were for so long. The times, they are achanged. While I'm not totally jealous of being stir-crazy and stuck and without power, I admit I'm a teense jealous of all the storminess going on out there. We've had bupkiss here in NYC, which is wrong wrong wrong, and the only power outages I've experienced in the city were in the summer due to too much AC usage on the hottest days. THOSE are not fun power outages, but I always loved wind storm outages when I lived in WA (note that I always lived in areas that got power back within a day or so -- my poor friends in Olympia have been without for days and days now).

How I am (a mini LJ post): I'm close to being the happiest I've ever been, which is funny because I don't feel like I'm DOING as much as I have done, in previous years, but maybe that's part of it. Mostly my free time is spent cooking (a lot), reading (a little), and having friends over (my favorite). I started my new job in November and it's shocking how much I enjoy it; I finally feel like I'm working somewhere that's a really good fit for both my skills and my interests, and it's remarkable what a difference that makes. I taste nibbles from the test kitchen, chat about my culinary adventures with our food editors, contribute story and layout ideas in meetings (even though I'm just a copy editor -- they want my input!), and occasionally take home baskets of eggs from Martha's chickens. A friend recently dug up an email chain we'd exchanged five years ago when we first met. In it I said something about how when I wasn't pretending to do my job (this was back at Harper), I fantasized about working in editorial for cookbooks. He's like, "hey, that's almost what you do now! You did it!" And damnit, I DID. It feels great. Mike and I are also planning on moving back to Seattle within the next two years, such that babytown can commence, and that's really got me jazzed. We're on track with our savings and my success with this job gives me hope that I'll find work when we're ready to go. I love this city, but I'm ready to go home now. We're trying to make sure we enjoy the hell out of NYC while we're here, so we're making trips to museums we've always wanted to visit but never have, stuff like that. I'm also crazily excited about another long-range fun thing, which is that Mike and I are going to visit Hawaii with my parents for Christmas this year. M and I have never been (my parents go regularly), and I'm beside myself at the prospect of seeing lava and crazy fish and clear clear ocean water and stuff. Plus, I miss my Papa so much, and the idea of spending two weeks with him and Dede is too good to be true. So much cooking will happen, my friend. SO much. We were getting itchy about the idea of spending so much on airfare (Jesus Lord, Hawaii, YOU FAR), but both have come around to the idea that our parents are getting older and won't be able to do trips like this forever, and that we need to spend our money doing things that will make us happy (within reason). So trip it is! It's going to rule. Oh, and I got two ukuleles for Christmas and plinka-plinking out songs is a lovely end to a busy day, it turns out.

The photos of La Llo in the snow are amazing; I can only imagine how adorbs she is flopping in the bed.

Date: 2012-01-25 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am astonished that Hawaii is SO CHEAP from here. NOTHING ELSE IS. HOW DOES THIS WORK?

So, yes. I would love to go sometime. I eagerly anticipate your pictures.

I am surprised you are considering moving back so soon! But I guess the baby-clock thing is a factor? And I can understand missing your Papa.

Date: 2012-01-25 06:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So soon? It will have been more than eight years! New York was never going to be permanent; I've always known I'd return to the PNW. Papa, brother, friends, their babies, trees, climate, attitude,'s all a draw. But yes, baby-clock thing IS a factor. Mike's been here for more than 10 years and is ready to conclude his NYC adventure too. We long for a house!

The return flight from Hawaii makes me want to die. Leave midday, arrive 620 am in NYC, next day. GUH.

Date: 2012-01-24 06:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
More like this! It sounds like you're in the midst of Adventure. Do you like the snow (despite the obvious drawbacks) to the heat of Arizona?

Date: 2012-01-25 05:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do like it! It's not shitty lake-effect, hang-around-for-months snow, it just fucks us up for a week or so and then it's back to the rain.

I miss home terribly. But this place is effing gorgeous, Teej. And the dog has a huge yard with grass that doesn't scratch you or make you itch when you lie on it, and big trees, and a tunnel system made out of overgrown ivy, and none of that would be possible back in the desert.

The Rain and the Dark are a drag sometimes, but we've acknowledged it and do what we can. I'm taking a trip to CA in March, and we were home in November, and that helped. Plus I have invested unabashedly in warm fuzzy knee socks and lamps, and I can't believe how much of a difference that makes. The Rain and the Dark are really just the inverse of the Sun and the Heat, and everyone here has a similar response, a sneaking dread and feeling of inevitability, and then stoic bitchiness in the midst, and then mania on the days of reprieve. I really do feel like my surroundings turned inside out.


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