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superdaintykate: (jumpyrat)

superdaintykate's Journal

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Created on 2017-04-30 20:11:02 (#3175282), last updated 2017-05-01 (21 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 30
You lie, in faith, for you are called plain Kate,
And bonny Kate, and sometimes Kate the curst,
But Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom,
Kate of Kate Hall, my super-dainty Kate -
For dainties are all cates, and therefore "Kate" -
Take this of me, Kate of my consolation:
Hearing thy mildness praised in every town,
Thy virtues spoke of, and thy beauty sounded -
Yet not so deeply as to thee belongs -
Myself am moved to woo thee for my wife.

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Very little of my Journal is locked. If I do screen, it is usually in consideration of the privacy of others.

I do have a filter to blog my short daily dance workouts; stuff that would be incredibly boring to most folks, so I keep it off their friends lists. Let me know if you want in and I will add you.

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