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Anesthesiologist bill: paid, and a little over half of my surgeon's bill is now paid, too.

Next month I finish paying my surgeon and start taking bites out of the hospital stay.

Chugga chugga chugga.
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Things that irritated me lately:

1. Attention, drivers of the PNW. If you drive a grey, black, or other asphalt-colored vehicle, TURN YOUR GODDAMN LIGHTS ON. FFS. Especially when you (and I) are driving near the lake and it's misting and visibility is effectively zero and oh, you want to merge, how quaint.

2. Dear Mister Classic Rock DJ: I have several problems with you calling Donvan "the English Bob Dylan", not the least of which being he's from fucking Glasgow.

3. Did you know you can have a hysterectomy and still get periods? Guess how I learned this! It's like the best of both worlds!

Now, honestly, this is just spotting and I will deal better (if it continues) once I can use "internal protection" (hello, situational anxiety! I see blood, I turn into a junior high girl again!), but I am also experiencing some abdominal pain (not sharp, more of a constant pressure-type pain that just hangs around and sets my teeth on edge, like a toothache or one of those nagging one-eye headaches) that, up until now, I described as "cramps", because that's what I thought they were. BUT I GUESS THEY WEREN'T, WERE THEY? I suppose it could be...fuck, I am not even going to guess. I have my last followup appt. next week so there will be discussion.

I know this is worlds better than having to be x minutes from a bathroom at all times, but there's a more-than-small part of me saying "aw, poop."

On the other hand, the sky is an incredible electric-violet color right now. So that's nice.
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Had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas with Jon. Were were both so focused on the surgery (and he was running his ass off) that we let the present thing go by the wayside a bit, so we're going to do gifts on Epiphany. Hopefully I will have his finished by then.

I went to a carol service at the local Catholic church Xmas eve -- those years of vocal music die hard, and I just can't let Xmas go by without singing. I felt bad for the choir because they really were quite good but people filtered in all through the carols, with the following mass as the goal. I felt affronted by the guy sitting next to me, who was at least in his mid-twenties but was texting on his smartphone through the readings. Dude, as an athiest, I'm thinking you might need to rethink your relationship with your Lord and what is appropriate in His presence, but that's just me.

Had a completely unforseen breakdown in the church foyer -- the parish had dozens of nativity scenes set up, all different materials and designs, and I was wondering around looking at them after I ducked out as Mass started (hey, I'm just here for the music, guys, don't mind me). Suddenly, all these images of father-mother-child and songs about wombs kind of hit me upside and there I was, crying my freaking eyes out. Not regret, not by any means, but probably exhaustion and recognition of the enormity of what I'd gone through. It sure snuck up on me, though, and I had to sit in my car for a while to compose myself before I drove home.

However, we cobbled together a glorious Xmas dinner of Ina Garten's stuffing (the recipe from the turkey roulade, with cranberries and figs and brandy), sauteed brussels sprouts, and pork loin chops that Jon marinated in apple cider and spices and some vinegar and oh lord it was good. That plus the morning's breakfast of fresh keilbasa and rye bread meant my stomach was down for the count by bedtime (I'm sure the various Xmas treats didn't help) but it sure was delicious.

We got a lot of sleep in our big new comfy bed, and drove around and looked at Xmas lights, and just enjoyed being together (and my being, you know, fairly participatory instead of locked up in the attic like a mad wife). Frankly, it was just about perfect.
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Had my 2-week post-op checkup today (at dark in the morning, ugh) and my doc actually seemed astonished at how quickly and well I am healing up. She was surprised that I am off the narcotics, and I am too, frankly, but I don't like being on them for any length of time; I enjoy them/depend on them too much and they were starting to seem to lose their effect. So I pared down to morning and evening doses last week, then Monday (I think) I just did an evening dose and now I'm just on ibuprofen when I remember to take them. Even that seems a little superfluous, we shall see. Incisions are healed and scabbed over, no bruising at all anymore -- and I have no idea how THAT came about, since I bruise when you look at me wrong -- and very little discomfort. Right now the worst of it is a tugging feeling at the incision sites, especially when I try to sleep on my side -- bad, because, well, I sleep on my side and can't -- and an occasional "burned" sensation, like a sunburn, between two of the incisions (which is apparently nerves regenerating). Here's hoping they connect up properly and this wears off, because it is a bit of a bummer, but it's just annoying, really.

The right side hurt worst because that side had the bugger fibroid that was actually in ligament tissue that they had to dig out. My doc told me the total weight of the material removed was 130 g -- much less than I expected, but she thinks maybe the size of a grapefruit? Just google-converted it and that's a little over a quarter-pound of stuff. Ew.

Today I went with mi adopted familia to Pike Place and actually walked and shopped and carried a bag that most likely was edging a little too close to 10 lbs for comfort (including 2-plus pounds of brussels sprouts, 2 pounds of kielbasa, and a little over a pound of pears): I thought about doing a little xmas shopping while I was there but figured I couldn't carry anything more. I think since my holiday was mostly wiped out I may shop over the year -- so if any of you get a gift in, say, August, don't be surprised.

Anyway, came home and ate a truckload of tamales and feel fine, surgery-wise. My stomach wants to kill me (boo on you, Breakfast Jack!) but no surgery-related pain.

I am pretty astounded. We shall see what tomorrow brings.
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I am feeling stronger every day. It really is astonishing when I think about how I felt and what I was able to do (or, more realistically, what I sure as hell couldn't do) a week ago.

I am sure this is the Dangerous Time. Jon is pleading with me to take it easy and I swear, I swear I am. The most effortful thing I have done is to clean up the dog poop in the back yard. But that feels like a major victory, even if I have to nap for the rest of the day afterwards (which I did, unapologetically). I think that is the hardest thing right now, letting myself sleep as much as I want to. I feel guilty about it, at least until I wake myself up snoring.

I am easing off the drugs. I came home with Percoset with 10 mg of oxycodone, as well as stopgap 5 mg pills to take for breakthrough pain. After the surgery I was taking two Percoset religiously every four hours. Now I am down to 5 mg every six hours (basically, three times a day), with a 400 mg ibuprofen chaser. Soon I will ramp that down to a twice-daily dose but frankly, I am pretty impressed. Dude, I had an ORGAN REMOVED ten days ago. Right? Impressed.

My biggest issues right now are fatigue (not helped by the Dark Days and rain, thanks, PNW, though I guess if I am going to be sleepy, this is the environment to be sleepy in) and that pain in my right side at the incision site. That is MUCH BETTER but still zaps me every so often to keep me in fucking line. It will go away almost entirely and then I will forget and bend over slightly in just the right way to towel off my right leg after a shower and then r-r-r-rip, I feel like someone is opening me up like the top of a cereal box. What sucks is that my reflex reaction is, of course, to grab my side but the incision site gets real fucking tender right away, basically feeling like a burn, and so my body is all HEY, NO ME GUSTA LADY and all I can do is grab my leg or something and puff and swear like Fred Sanford for a couple of seconds. And then that side is sore for a while afterward just to remind me of my folly and keep me dutifully taking my meds, at least for now.

Not going to be discussed: the digestive result of taking Percoset every four hours for almost a week. Leave it to say I am motivated to stop taking this stuff as soon as I can, Jon confirmed his saint status by running out for Miralax for me at I-don't-know-how-late, the on-call staff and nurses at my doc's office are all wonderful and sympathetic, and I never want to go through that ever, ever again. Ever.

Other annoying side effect -- the tissue healing at the other incisions means the inside of my navel itches pretty regularly AND I CAN'T GET TO IT ARRGH.

I can't wait to be done healing so I can start getting strong again. I want to take such good care of myself. But right now, sleep. And I am craving greens like a mofo. Maybe I can roast some kale for dinner tomorrow.
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Well, I think I am officially coming down the other side of the Scariest Thing I Have Ever Done.

(I also just took some Oxy, so please forgive me if I ramble.)

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Nov. 21st, 2010 08:23 pm
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I am working hard at coming to terms with this surgery. My original date was going to have been the 22nd, and by bumping it up a few weeks I avoided being flat on my ass for the holidays, but also lost a couple weeks of mental-preparation-time.

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All right, it's official. I've started keeping notes on a calendar to figure out how many "bad" days I'm having. If it's as many as I think it might be, a hysterectomy may be in the cards before the end of the year.

Still sucks. Still not ready for it, but maybe hard data will help me make a decision.
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I had a great weekend with Jon and our friends.

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Well, I think I have shaken off most of my Percocet hangover, thank goodness. I am still a little wobbly, which is really frustrating. I mean, I know I just had surgery a couple of days ago, but come on.

My birthday was great, despite the hangover. I took it easy most of the day, because I kind of had to. After a week of intermittent rain, we had some sun, so I went out on the balcony and basked a little.

I also took a slow walk down to the mailbox and got birthday greetings from my mom and my dog. (My dog picked out a card that says "you look you get to sleep inside?")

We broke out some of the tamale stash that I brought from Tucson for dinner. I limited myself to one, just because I was still working up from soup and crackers, but DAMN it was good. Then Jon brought me a delicious cupcake and sang to me, and then there were presents.

The large one was the one that was shipped in its presentation box, so I had seen it before wrapping.

A New Easter Hat!

All of my presents were awesome, including some Spanish Amber perfume that I visit regularly over at Whole Foods, some vintage ViewMaster reels (featuring pre-Tiki-Room Adventureland) and a copy of The Emperor's New Groove, once of those Disney films that I think only Jon and I like. He also gave me NOT ONLY a package of Dole Whip Mix (FUCK YEAH) but also a six-pack of pineapple juice and an ice cream maker attachment for the KitchenAid, so there will be homemade Dole Whips soon.

And then it was time to open the big gift, which I knew was a USB turntable, so I can rip my vinyl bellydance albums to MP3 and actually use all that awesome vintage music.

Unfortunately those goddamn devil bunnies got in there and now not only do I not have a turntable, but I am also a handmaiden of Zuul. Dammit.
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I decided to try stopping the Percocet, after the last one I took at 7 last night stopped being fun and just made me dizzy and woozy.

I am still woozy. It is eleven o'clock the following day. WTF. I want to do stuff but I can't even be trusted to type. C'MON, BODY! THERE IS BLUE SKY OUTSIDE!
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Everything went really smoothly.

The night before, Jon got me a nice, big, proteiny dinner (gyro salad) and then took me out to see a stupid movie to take my mind off things ("House Bunny", if you must know), and I stayed up as late as I could so I could sleep as late as possible the day of surgery, to make that no-eating-after-midnight thing a little less brutal. I was worried because Jon said he'd felt like he was getting sick and, like the true idiot I am, I started feeling it, too...mostly a full head, but also a bit of a cough, which I hoped wouldn't mean I would have to be intubated. I was really hoping a cold wouldn't delay surgery, period. Luckily I remembered I had a box of Zicam nose swabs, so I popped a couple of those and some allergy meds and went to bed.

Jon got up at his usual time and went to work for a few hours. I stayed in bed as long as I could and then got up and showered and dressed. I still felt off but I wasn't running a fever, thank goodness. Jon came home and picked me up, and off we went. Got checked in to the surgery center and, after filling out my paperwork, I went to take my misoprostol.

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Hey all

Aug. 27th, 2008 09:42 pm
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Just wanted to let you know I am home, hopped up on Percocet, and free of two large fibroids. More recap later.
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I went to the drugstore to pick up my pre-op meds today. The lady behind the counter got the pills, turned to me and said, "you're tying to get pregnant."

"No," I said flatly.

She looked at the bottle again and blanched a little. I am getting misoprostol. Taken regularly, this drug can be used to treat ulcers. Taken in small doses, in combination with another medication, the drug can be an abortifacient: it softens the cervix and induces uterine cramps.

There were two pills in the bottle.

I gave her my money and waved cheerily as I left. She seemed a bit gobsmacked.
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The players: a mother and her little girl, who was riding in the shopping cart her mother was pushing.

The little girl was singing her alphabet.

"...L, M, O, Peeeee," she sang.
"L-M-N-O-P," her mother corrected.

"L M (hum) O P," the child sang.

"L," says her mom.
"L," says the child.



"Now sing it all together."

A pause, and the child resumed.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little staaar..."

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I am scheduled for surgery to resect my fibroids on 8/27...which means that I will probably be laid up for my birthday on the 30th, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Oh, lordy. Keep me in your thoughts, plz thx.
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Just got back from my sonohystogram. With pictures! Wanna see the twins?

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I called my doctor's office Friday morning to switch gears and try to get an ultrasound scheduled and they have not called me back. The best part was when I explained the situation to the receptionist and there was a long pause before she said, "um, what's a hysteroscope?"


As of today, I have been bleeding in one way or another for THREE WEEKS. I guess now that I know about the little fuckers, my fibroids are gonna party hard while they still can.

Edited to add:
I am scheduled for the sonohystogram (the ultrasound)...a month from now. They could either work me in THIS WEDNESDAY (when I have a dance event this weekend that I have been looking forward to for months and want to try not to ruin with hysterics of any kind) or...on the day that is supposed to be start of my next period. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

At least this will give me time to check with my insurance company to make sure this stuff is covered.
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I need input. Cut for more talk about uteri than you'd even hope to see.

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[Poll #1211538]
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Oh, LiveJournal. Now is the time when I tell you embarassing stuff about myself, because I am so frustrated I cry.

I am feeling full of give-upitude, lately. My body, you see, she no like me. She also can't seem to just give me One Thing Wrong Atta Time.

'Member dis?

Well, it's back. I started getting spinny again last Tuesday. I left a message for my GYN because and here's where it gets gruesome )

So I called the office, the doc didn't have a free appointment until January, so I left a message for her nurse, giving her a brief rundown and telling her I was feeling dizzy and lightheaded and should I be worried?

She called back THE NEXT AFTERNOON. Wouldn't leave a message with Jon, which I understand, but told him she would try my cell, which as far as I can tell, she didn't. In the meantime I was able to see my regular doc and we determined that the spinny was my vertigo coming back. (The test was this: lie on my back on the exam table. Turn my head to the right. Keeping my head turned to the right, sit up on the exam table. Horking ensues.) He gave me a referral to the Balance Center at a local hospital; looking through the innernet (google search term: "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo") has shown me that this kind of spinny can often be cured by -- get this -- manipulating the head to get the "ear rocks" in a place where they won't irritate my balance organs and feed me wrong signals.

I called my GYN nurse the next morning and was able to get through and talk to her and she let me know that I had experienced what is tenderly referred to in the medical field as "hemmorhaging."

Well, this is just fucking fantastic. Being off the Pill has enabled me to lose something like fifteen pounds so far, I look better than I have in years, the physical therapy has strengthened my knees so they are feeling much better and stronger, I have a shiny new costume just waiting to be tailored, and now I am disabled for a week out of the month (and without the direction of synthetic hormones, no way of knowing exactly WHEN that week will be) and, oh yes, I can't look up quickly or turn my head.

That's just the surface concern, of course. The Deeper Stuff, the questions about why it happened, have yet to be addressed. In fact, when I spoke to the nurse, it didn't come up -- she only suggested ways to make it stop (ie, ablation or hysterectomy). (A comic moment occurred when she suggested I take 800 mg of ibuprofen to help slow the bleeding, and I told her that, because of the cramps, I ramp up to 2400 mg a day of ibuprofen, and 3000 mg a day of Tylenol. For about a week.) I don't want to do anything irreversible unless it's my last option, and frankly, I'd like to know WHY this is happening before I make that decision. I have an appointment Wednesday for THAT, and an appointment Tuesday for the spins. And I have a performance next Saturday, three in January, and I'm teaching six classes over the Xmas holiday.
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