Jun. 9th, 2011

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We are officially in the new place and, as of last night, I have uncovered the stove and found our plates, glasses, and silverware.

I do not have internet access at home (thanks, Comcast, you jerks). I also seem to be not sleeping nearly enough. I think I'm waking up when J leaves, then dozing lightly for a few more hours and just falling into deep sleep when my alarm goes off. I feel like I've been wrapped in damp cotton. I keep missing the turn to our new house. On the way home the other day I missed two separate turns.

Just realized the Solstice Parade is next weekend, which means dress rehearsal is next Thursday, which means I had better set up my sewing table tonight and get my goddamn act together.

I managed to lock myself and the dog out of the house yesterday morning. In the rain. In my pajamas. Luckily I had the forethought to put on slippers (suede), but I still had my mouthguard in and my hair out to here as I wandered around the neighborhood looking for a neighbor who would let me use their phone.

However, said dog seems to have adjusted well to her new house, even if she doesn't have an Emo Room to herself yet.

Gas heat is the effing bomb.

Our new backyard is about five of our old backyards, plus trees. This is simultaneously awesome and really intimidating.

I had to cancel dance class on Monday, as I was cleaning the old place all day and was done four hours after I needed to leave to catch the ferry. Then I found out the landlord won't be back in her house for another two weeks. But hell, the place sure is clean.

Fuck, I'm tired.


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