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Jon's birthday party seems to have gone off swimmingly. We worked our asses off over the last two weeks (and that certainly was made more pleasant with the calf muscle strain), got most of the house set up and unpacked and clean. There are a few pockets of boxes, and my studio is still a wreck (*anxiety*) but the rest of the place looks pretty hip. If I knew where my camera was I might take pictures.

A small bump occurred when we discovered that the oven door is akimbo enough to affect cooking times, thus the tacos took FOREVER but once they were out of the oven they were magical. I only made one kind of meat this year to avoid being in the kitchen THE WHOLE PARTY. Jon filled up the need for another entree by cobbling together some really good Sonoran-style hotdogs. Even without the bolillo rolls and the mesquite bacon, they were delish and will be on our menu for dinner tonight, since neither of us ended up eating much yesterday.

Squirrel Butter played and were amazing. They showed up just as guests started arriving (dear guests: way to be fashionably late) and Jon saw them as they were setting up and thought for a moment they were at the wrong place, as there were signs for another party in the neighborhood as well. The look on his face as he digested that they were there to play for him was priceless. Added bonus: they are really nice folks and seem fun to hang out with. We made sure to stuff them with tacos and sangria and chocolate mole ice cream (Jon's recipe, which turned out better than last year. SO GOOD.).

Our yard kicks ass and now the patio is strung with cafe lights so it's not a pitch-black void anymore. I am going to grab a coke and the phone and go sit out there in the dappled sun and call my mom in half a moment.

We stayed up until after four (okay, Jon stayed up and I faded in and out of consciousness on the couch) watching Deadwood episodes. SO TIRED.

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