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Wanna see my incredible freaking fantastic birthday gift from Jon?

You know you do.

Here is the overview shot of the whole gorgeous thing.
I added a quarter for scale. Soak it in.
The front columns, draped with mourning bunting.
A view through the front gates at the facade.
Tiny plaques on the front columns, and a little Fastpass-return-time clock.
Teensy little hearse.
Yes, they included the Pet Cemetery. Here's the cat and the bunny.
There are even memorial plaques on the back wall.
The stalwart dog.
The crypts on the back of the queue.
A shot of the side door through the queue.
An itty-bitty weathervane on top of the cupola.
The back of the piece.
The back panel can be removed (it's held on with magnets) to see scenes from the attraction.
Inside the piece: you can see the hallway with the "scary" versions of the portraits.
Also: tiny busts.
There is also an elevator shaft.
If you press down on the cupola, the "elevator" descends, revealing the hanging man and the stretching portraits. I'm dying a little over here.
Here's a better look at the Hanging Man.
The piece comes with inserts you can put in place to show other scenes. Here's the Hallway insert, complete with bat stanchions and the "normal" versions of the portraits.
Closeup of the stanchions.
Mind: blown. You're welcome.
The ceiling of the Portrait Corridor.
The second insert, which shows the Ballroom scene.
The birthday girl, blowing out her candles.
Waltzing ghosts and the Organist.
Oh god, there's even the Duelling Portraits up on the landing.
Granny sits by the fire behind the birthday girl.
The third insert: the Graveyard Scene.
The Caretaker.
The original Skinny Puppy, in miniature.
Hard to see, but the Graveyard Band is back there.
The Hitchhiking Ghosts. Look at the detail on the faces!
Did I mention it LIGHTS UP?
Because it does.
The lit Hallway scene.
The lit Ballroom.
There's a light in the cupola so you can see the Hanging Man properly.
The lit Graveyard scene.
Visible in the foreground: singing busts.

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