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to the dancers on my f-list

Is there any limit to the stupid shit Bhuzzers get their knickers in a twist about?


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No, there fuckin' isn't.

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I fear this is completely true.

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That's why I carry smelling salts to all workshops, incase the language offense my delicate sensibilitiles/I get the vapors.

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This lady needs to have Prissy loosen her laces a couple inches, for sure.

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What, you didn't notice me clutching my pearls and reaching for the smelling salts every time you said fuck during your workshop?
I think you may have even told an off topic story or two about the seventies.
OMG, you're just like Aunt Rocky!!!!!!!

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I learned from the freakin' best. ;)

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No, there isn't, but is it Bhuz? Or is all the whiney-ass-bitches self-righteous-loons delicate rosebuds bellydance seems to attract?
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Delicate rosebuds, or special snowflakes?

Nope. There is not.

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I groaned and laughed at the same time when I saw that over there. Maybe it was really a snarl.


Re: Nope. There is not.

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Our president. *genuflects*

Seriously, did these people not know who the hell they were signing up with? I mourn the loss of the med-dance list, to weed out the weak.

Re: Nope. There is not.

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I miss it, too. Loved the debates on that list.
In fact, an argument between Rocky and I cemented our friendship.